Pet Relocation

Safe And Stress-Free Pet Relocation

Traveling with pets internationally involves a complex web of logistics, regulations, and requirements. With Pets Abroad, you can rest assured that your pet’s relocation will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism. Our range of services is designed to simplify the immigration process for your pets, ensuring they arrive at their new homes safe, happy, and stress-free.

Comprehensive Pet Relocation Services

1. Expert Guidance on Pet Immigration Immigrating with pets involves navigating through a maze of paperwork and legal requirements. At Pets Abroad, we specialize in simplifying this process. From the initial consultation to the final arrival, our team is here to ensure every step is clear and manageable.

2. Customized Travel Plans We understand that every pet is unique, and so is every travel plan. Our experts are skilled in arranging all aspects of pet relocation, ensuring that your furry family members reach their new homes anywhere in the world. Whether by air with carefully planned airline bookings or through specific transit shipments, we handle it all.

3. Real-Time Updates via WhatsApp With Pets Abroad, you’re never out of the loop. Our exclusive WhatsApp service keeps you updated every hour about your pet’s location and status. This service covers all phases of the journey, from departure to customs clearance upon arrival.

4. IATA Approved Travel Containers Safety during travel is non-negotiable. We provide IATA-approved wooden travel crates tailored to the size of your pet. Each crate is equipped with a water bowl and designed to maximize comfort, including a piece of your clothing, a blanket, and a soft toy to help soothe your pet.

5. Comprehensive Veterinary and Custom Services Our service package includes:

  • Veterinary Health Certificate Completion & Guidance: We guide you through obtaining the necessary health certifications from veterinarians.
  • State Vet Endorsements: We secure all required endorsements from state veterinarians, ensuring compliance with international pet travel regulations.
  • Customs Clearance: Our team expertly handles all customs clearance procedures for both export and import, ensuring a smooth transition between borders.

6. Additional Pet Care Services Understanding the challenges of pet travel, we offer:

  • Kennelling: Secure and comfortable accommodation for your pets before departure or upon arrival.
  • Quarantine Bookings: Should your pet need to be quarantined, we arrange for comfortable and compliant facilities.
  • Collection & Delivery: We manage the collection and delivery of your pets from and to your respective addresses, making the process as convenient as possible.

Why Choose Pets Abroad?

Choosing Pets Abroad means opting for peace of mind. Our dedication to the safety and comfort of our Pawsengers and their owners sets us apart. We are committed to delivering a seamless and worry-free experience, supported by real-time communication and a deep understanding of international pet relocation logistics.

When it comes to relocating your beloved pets, the expertise and comprehensive service of Pets Abroad ensure that every detail is meticulously planned and executed. Contact us today to start your pet’s journey to their new home with the care and professionalism they deserve.